October digital round up – Ecommerce at Christmas

I am almost embarrassed to be talking about Christmas so early, but if the products you sell online make good Christmas gifts, it is time to start planning your strategy!

So this month I have selected 10 of the best articles I have found to help you make the most of the next two months, and the January sales.

Many of these articles are very US focused, but all the ideas will work just as well in the UK, so don’t be put off by the use of the dreaded word ‘holidays’ when they really mean ‘Christmas’!

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A month in the life of an AdWords Specialist

Week 1, time for monthly reporting

At the start of each month it’s time to report on the previous month for all our clients. As a Google Partner we are required to do a minimal monthly report on some key stats. At Zanzi Digital we prefer to report on a wider range on metrics and then translate that into meaningful English instead of tech gibberish.

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5 Top Tips for Getting the Most out of your Google Analytics

So you’ve got Google Analytics code installed on your site. That’s great. But do you really use it to its full potential? Do you glean actionable insights from it, which help craft your digital marketing strategy?

Google Analytics is the most popular tool for analyzing website traffic that is used by companies of all sizes.  Don’t let the fact that it’s free lead you to underestimate it. It is truly powerful.

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September digital round-up: the content marketing cycle

  • By: Charlotte Jenkins
  • 1st October 2015
  • Category: Our top-10

This month we’ve been looking at the content marketing cycle, from strategy design through to measuring success (or failure) of your content marketing campaign. We thought we’d share our broad content process along with some of our recent reading from our trusted sources.

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