10 Tips to Sell More Online at Christmas

  • By: Jayne Reddyhoff
  • 29th October 2014
  • Category: Ecommerce

I know it’s not quite November yet, but if the products you sell online make good Christmas gifts, it is time to start planning your strategy!

The number of visitors to your website probably increases in November and December without much action on your part. But if you want to make sure those extra visitors translate into extra sales, there are several things you should be doing, so read on for our 10 top tips for Christmas Sales Online.

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Top 10 Digital Marketing Posts for October 2014

  • By: Charlotte Jenkins
  • 23rd October 2014
  • Category: Our top-10

This month we’re delving into the world of email marketing. Having discussed it with friends and colleagues in the industry it turns out it’s not unlike Marmite.

While for some it provides a valuable opportunity to reach out and engage with prospective or current customers, for others it’s an immoral imposition on your consumer’s time and space, running the risk of sending them to the hills.

For us at Cicada though, email marketing is a valuable asset to have in the digital marketing mix. However, if it’s to work effectively, it should be done with care, creativity and, above all, honesty.

We’ve had a look around the web for best practice in email marketing. There are some great how-tos and how-not-tos; guides to when we should use it and when we shouldn’t; advice on how to enhance it by integrating it with other media.

See what you think. How does email marketing work best for you?

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